The bible states that: “Faith without work is dead” How does that equate to pursuing your dreams? Establishing a new business?

A biblical canon expresses that: “Faith without work is dead” (James 2:17). It implies that if faith is not accompanied with action, it is dead. If you want to pursue your dreams, then you need to wake up and begin buckling down. Achievement never falls into your lap. You have to earn it through dedication, diligent work and uplifting attitude.

If you’re interested in establishing a new business, then you have to carry on like a business person, from the very start, in order to attain your objective. You can only be successful in life if you’re willing to face challenges and new targets. You have to try, fail and then try once more. Also in particular, you have to continue moving towards where you need to see yourself to be regardless of what’s on your way or how much longer you have to hold on.

You must be your own motivator. If you expect someone else to encourage you to chase your goal, then you’re doing it wrong. Always take the responsibility for your assignments; passing unpleasant work to collaborations will acrid your reputation. Whenever you make a mistake, accept it, fix it then proceed forward.