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Jackie is founder of Jackie Overstreet International. Jackie O. Int’l is a Small Business, Personal Mentorship and Development firm whose core belief is Jesus Christ and His restorating power in our personal lives as well as business lives too.  Jackie utilizes her creativity and zest for life as she mentors dreamers at heart to go after all that God has predestined for their lives.  She has personally assisted many of the career driven women & men to not only ignite their passions but to catapult forth in their work ethic and faith in God by assisting them in discovering fresh ideas, strategies, un tapped resources and most importantly the self authority to achieve authentic success, profitability, peace and happiness in their business as well as personal life. Those who know her love her and rave about her ability to not only understand their needs and struggles, but their businesses, family and personal lives too.  By exhibiting her transparency in her own life and knowing exactly how to be “real” in sharing a step-by-step practical attainable  plan to grow their businesses, all the way around whether online of brick and mortar Jackie understands what it means to truly delve into the hearts and minds of people looking to better their lives all the way around. Jackie Mentors and empowers others to “Activate their Faith”, encouraging them to persistently go after their dreams and visions by eliminating distractions; adopting better habits in business practices to be successful. In addition to helping and mentoring others, Jackie draws on her 25-years of serving others through various religious institutions and national ministries across the country. An accomplished Administrator, Media Director for her local church, Marketer, and frequently sought after Media Consultant, she is known for her ability to help organizations and individuals reach higher levels of success so they can be more visible to the public eye.

Jackie’s books “Collide with Destiny & Chaos…Winning The Mind Of A Christian,’ teaches us how to make “Destiny Decisions” all the while the “Chaos” book acts as an introspective look for Christians everywhere to assess their own spiritual walk and seek a deeper level of intimacy with Christ. Both powerful concepts, both packing a powerful punch to the individual wanting to see their lives take a dramatic turn for the better!!  Pure encouragement is what the body of Christ needs and she has vowed to do her part in making sure it becomes a reality. There’s so much more on the horizon in the realm of books, seminars, practical teachings and so forth for Jackie Overstreet, be sure to stay tuned!!  She endeavors to catapult this movement to bridging the gap while nurturing the Spirit for both men and women all over this world.

Jackie is an advocate and an active spokeswoman for “Relevant International,” a Non Profit organization whose sole focus is to act in the realms of Community Development.  Jackie’s goal mirrors Relevant International’s main focus, and that is to tackle the relevant issues of today’s society in personal non-evasive way. Through Relevant International, others will be encouraged to go after their dreams by eliminating distractions, adopting a “Healthy” plan of attack on their goals and implementing the best practices to bring it all into fruition. As the writer of the “Collide with Destiny” book series for Men, Women, (teens coming soon!)  there you will be allowed to take advantage of her sharing insights on empowerment, strategies and most importantly FAITH, to build you up from the inside out in your business and in your Spirit walk as well. Interested in getting weekly tips on empowerment? Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel today!

“Collide with Destiny,” is set to release on June 1st 2015 and “Chaos Winning the Mind of a Christian,” is set to be released January 2016. Both  are available for preorder on www.jackieoverstreet.com.  Once released both will also be available on Amazon Kindle & iBooks/iTunes and Barnes and Noble Nook!

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. She also has a Certificate of Completion for Armour Bearers Discipleship from Radiant Life Church; as well as a Certificate of Completion from the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business. She resides in Phoenix Arizona.


Destiny Craftsmanship... Jackie Overstreet is an author, mentor, public speaker, cultural curator, brand ambassador, and lifestyle trainer. She writes about creativity, quality experiences, personal and professional development, and how to make cultivating DESTINY DECISIONS in your life your norm. Curious... You can find her writings, teachings, and speaking on her website or you can follow her on Twitter: @iamjackie_o
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